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While on the one hand, after the advent of internet and social media, the trend of people is increasing towards social media, but in today’s era, there is a demand for the post of collector as a profession and as a job. Collector is the boss of his district. He takes every decision related to his district. At the same time, a collector also has all the powers, which he can use whenever he needs. This is the reason that even today there is a high demand for collector’s job in government jobs. Today we are going to tell you right here in this article how you can become a collector.


To become a collector, first you have to qualify. To become a collector, you must be a resident of India. Apart from this, you must have a bachelor’s degree from any recognized college, you can do graduation from any discipline.


To become a collector, a person must be at least 21 years of age. Apart from this, if the participant belongs to the general category, then his age should be between 21 – 32 years. On the other hand, if the participant is from backward class then his age should be up to 21 – 35 while if the participant should be up to 21 – 37.


The most important stage of becoming a collector after qualifying is the examination. If a person wants to become a collector, then first of all he has to apply for the examination on the website of UPSC. After which the participant has to give two exams. In which all the people are given chances in the first exam, whereas in the second exam only those people are given chances who can pass in the first exam. In these exams, questions related to many subjects like general knowledge, knowledge of English, reasoning are asked. If a person clears both the exams then he/she is called for interview. Where both his physical and mental tests are taken.


If a participant passes the test and interview, he/she is then sent for some time training. This training ranges from 3 months to 2 years. If that participant completes all then he becomes an IAS officer. After which he is first made the Human Development Officer of a district. After which he is gradually promoted and after some time he becomes a collector.

The Salary 

The salary of a collector is the highest of any officer in the whole of India. The salary of a collector of any district ranges from 60 thousand to 2 lakh 50. Apart from this, every collector is provided with a home to stay and a car with a driver for commuting anywhere.

This is the reason that even in today’s era, the demand of collector’s job continues.

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